About Me

In 2020 I started upon my journey to discover my creative space in plant cultivation. My specialisation is in strawberry cultivation.
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Domain scope
The knife's edge between nature, horticulture and technology. This is where I find my creative space.

Our "Products" or "Services"

Domain scope
Vaerens grows fruits, vegetables, plant material and kitchen herbs. I also offer consultancy services such as the sourcing of agricultural plant material, grow design and (grow) technology architecture. This website has in it's scope the distribution of material about my work, information on services and contact information. It also hosts a payment channel for client transactions.

On financial transactions towards the platform

This web application provides a payment that channel that allows us to receive payments from our clients for products and services. The links are generated based on the invoice that is first created through our administrative system, The client gets sent the link to complete the payment using Mollie as a provider. The available payment methods are iDeal, credit card and paypal.

Read more about the nature of our user/consumer interactions in the terms of use
For suggestions, questions, comments and praises, send an email to mitkoevoets (at) vaerens (dot) com
You can also follow me on Linkedin at linkedin.com/company/inter-agriculture-org